What is traveling for me?

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Travelling is very important but it’s not only about beautiful views. Everyone can draw on experience of any trip in a different way. For me, it’s the best way to find out who you are!

Travelling is an impulse to make changes in your life and to appreciate every day of your life. I have a lot of beautiful experiences and memories from every trip. During the trip I feel open-minded and growing self-confidence because in difficult situation I must solve problems by myself or with my travelling companion (my husband Michael). I would like to share my memories and experiments from the journeys on this blog 🐼

I will go back to our first visit in the USA. It was in 2016 and then we have fulfilled our greatest travel dream. Since that time, we have been there again and certainly it is not last visit in USA. We have driven cross the America along and across. We had not enough time so we visited only the most important places. I am going to describe my trips with details in the next posts. It is not the only direction of the world that has impressed us because we have visited a lot of beautiful places such as: Maroko, Canada, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Japan, Turkey, Israel and most of countries in Europe. There are many places which we haven’t seen yet but everything is ahead of us!

Please, write in comment section what is the biggest travel dream and what is travelling for you. I hope you will like this post and you will be waiting for next! 🐼

* you can buy photos from my trips here -> shutterstock

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