Three weeks in a big country

szalone 3 tygodnie na dalekim kontynencie

Travel to the USA was always a big dream for me and my husband. It has become reality and our dream came true…

We think both with my husband that the most important thing it’s to endeavor our goals. We know it is not easy but you need to make a plan and start to realize it. Only our determination and budget planned before helped us to do that and we have saved money for biggest travel dream!

Planning of a journey was intense and we had limited time. You know we had a job and restricted number of vacation days. We were so excited. We had to see as much as possible. During the planning first trip to USA we focused on East and North part of this country. We hooked up for big cities in Canada near border of the USA as well. All hotels reservations’ were made from Poland. We didn’t want to lose money and good deals for the accommodation. For this reasons we had specified number of miles to pass every single day. We didn’t visit all places we would like to but it was our first trip like this. We didn’t lose anything because during few hours in the city we can feel the climate of this place and we can back there in the future if we would like to.

Sometimes I hear that you need to spend more time in the city to feel it and to say something about this place.

I am not agree with that statement. In my opinion, it only depends on you. Only you know exactly what kind of travel you prefer and what you would like to see. For example, not everybody likes the museums. We both don’t like to spend a lot of time in this way. We prefer nature and places which are not crowded but full of local people with small restaurants.

Time is the key and only  this is a  limit of our capabilities. If we feel that some places made a huge impression on us we can go back and spend more time there.

Below there is a list of guidebooks which we used (don’t forget it was 4 years ago and something may has changed):

  1. USA East Green Guide, Michelin
  2. Nowy Jork StepbyStep, John Gattuso
  3. Nowy Jork Przewodnik Celownik, Marta Kustek, Danuta Świątek
  4. Miami i Florida Keys, Miller Mark, National Geographic

A lot of useful information you can find in the internet so please remember about that.

Please leave a comment and expect new post soon. In the future post, you will get to know about our journey by the East coast USA. I hope my tips will be helpful for you! 🐼 

*trip from 2016

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