The north part of Lago di Garda

Arco Italy

My husband and I had only 6 days so we needed to plan where we like to stay. We didn’t have time to read about the most beautiful city to stay in this part of Italy. Me and Michael decided to spend a few days in the north and a few days on the south part of Lake Garda.

We spent the first 3 days in Arco on the north side. It’s a little and beautiful city with an amazing view of mountains. The town is surrounded by mountains and the river Sarca flows down by this city into the lake. Arco is a popular climbing area with over a thousand climbing routes. 

Arco turned out incredibly climatic and located close to the Lake Garda. If you want, you can drive up to the lake on the bike path along the river. This is the best way to spend active time with amazing views. So, we did it and we rented bikes! We had to go to the lake about 12 kilometers but that day we had around 30 kilometers. It can be a long distance for people who do not ride a bike everyday and think about renting city bikes 🐼

The climate, quality of the bicycle path and the views were amazing so it was very good idea.

A nice surprise was waiting for us in the town by the lake. It was a bakery in a local supermarket where we bought the water. We saw a lot of local people there so we decided to try pizza. It was a bull’s eye. The pizza was completely different from what we have eaten so far. I will link you this place here.

I show you few pictures from this part of Lake Garda:

We slept:

  • Hoody Active & Happiness. It’s a new hotel which was opened a few months ago. The hotel is surrounded by mountains and rooms have an amazing view and minimalistic climate. It’s what we like the most. We were only 5 minutes on foot to the center of the city. You can also rent a bike in this hotel for 5 euro by day. There is a rooftop with jacuzzi, sauna and beach chairs. I think it’s a big plus of this place. You can just relax after a long active day. I highly recommend this hotel.

Where to eat:

  • Pizzeria Ristorante Pace it’s a great place with delicious food. It was a recommendation of the person who lives in Arco. I ate risotto and Michael chose pizza with tuna and onion. Everything was amazing so I decided to eat dessert. I tried tiramisu, it was insane!

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