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After three days in Arco we drove along the lake to Desenzano del Garda. It’s a city on the opposite side of the lake. The road from Arco to Desenzano del Garda have great views! In this city I found the accommodation the day before arrival. It was bull’s eye again! Nice villa with swimming pool and big garden. The advantage of this place was free bikes assigned to the room. We went on a bike trip next day…

On the way to…

This time, we went to Sirmione which was about 9 km from our apartment. The road was very beautiful because we drove by the vineyards and classic Italian architecture houses. The last part of this road was along lake on a peninsula. The city center of Sirmione it’s a combination of Castle with crystal clear water and boutiques, shops, hotels and candy stores. Everything around looks pretty. I think it’s a trip for a few hours. You can go for a walk and relax on Jamaica Beach. After few hours in the sun, returning to the apartment by bike was pleasure because the wind was really refreshing.

Evening walk

In the evening, we went to the city center of Desenzano del Garda where we ate very good dinner in Ristorante Pizzeria Garda. More about this place and my recommendation you can read below. The evening walk was quite long, about 9 km but generally it was a great active day. Our vacations are usually quite active and we love it.

Few photos from this beautiful day:


The next day, we went to Verona which is about 40 km from Desenzano del Garda. It’s  a very beautiful city with history of Romeo and Julia… it’s not only about this romantic story but also amazing city with variety of architectures. Verona is a pure poetry for eyes! Beautiful classic buildings with shutters from at least the middle ages, narrow streets and smells of pizza. What do you need more? The city from the tourist side is very thoughtful. Wide streets lead to multi-storey car parks in the city center. We chose this one: Arena Verona. The location of the main tourist attractions is within walking distance. I think this city is worth seeing.

See for yourself in the pictures:

We slept:

  • Marylinda, Desenzano del Garda. If you are looking for place to relax it is the best choice. From this apartment you will have walking distance to the lake around 15 minutes or about 5 minutes by bike. An additional plus is the owner who creates a great atmosphere and serves delicious coffee. It’s typical charming Italian men from movie, with nice appearance and a great sense of humor!

Where to eat:

  • Mordimi Panineria – a great place with panini in reasonable prices. I chose panini with tuna and Michael with ham. The sandwiches had extra vegetables and mozzarella. Both of them were delicious. I recommend for takeout especially because just next there is a beach and you can eat watching beautiful views!
  • Ristorante Pizzeria Garda – beautiful restaurant with view for the lake Garda. I chose tagliatelle pasta with basil pesto and shrimps. It was freaky amazing. The best pasta which I’ ve ever eaten. My husband chose tagliatelle carbonara which was also very good. As a big fan of sweets I had to try cannoli. This restaurant is quite expensive but the place is not very bloated so it was worth to visit in our opinion.
  • Corte Fenilazzo/ Agrigelateria sull’Aia it’s a place where you can eat very good pizza. Unfortunately, the service was quite pleasant but the quality of food was very high. That’s situation when it’s better to take away.

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