On the way to Warsaw…

We didn’t plan vacation in advance this year because pandemic situation is so unpredictible.  We knew that we need more sun and place where we would like to relax so we thought about the Hel Peninsula and promised good weather too. 

What is next?

Finally, we made a decision 2 days before departure. On the way I checked the weather forecast and I noticed there is a chance of the rain. We changed our plan on the way to Warsaw. We were looking for the place with more certain weather and not so far from Poland. In this way we went to Italy, more specifically on Lago di Garda. We didn’t quit our first plan to eat the best ramen at Vegan Ramen Shop! After that we started our trip toward Italy. 

Spontaneous decision 

We always plan our holiday in advance. Before leaving, we exactly know where we are going to stay, eat and what we want to visit. This plan helps us save money and time. This year the schedule is different! We left our comfort zone and acted spontaneously. And now I know it was worth it! 🐼

Lovely overnight at Tirol 

We spent first night in Poland exactly in our family in Wroclaw. Next day, we moved toward our first staying. That place we found the day before. It was lovely guesthouse in Laion – Haus Tirol that turned out to be bull’s eye. When we woke up we saw amazing view for the mountains. We ate great breakfast there. The road to this hotel wasn’t easy but it was worth it! See what views we had there:

Next day, after check out we moved last 300 km to the goal. 

Please follow my blog. Next post you will see photos from our spontaneous trip! 🐼

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