Beauty and the problem with self-acceptance…

Uroda makijaż co o sobie myślimy to jak widzą nas inni

Beauty it’s not only reflection in the mirror. There is something more! The way you look at yourself reflects how other people perceive you.

I think a lot of girls feel bad when they look in the mirror. It is dangerous when it affects on your mind and you think a lot about it. You need to work on your mind but it’s not easy. If you change your thinking about yourself than people around you will see it and will perceive you more positive.

What’s next?

Another very important issue is – only you can see your complexes. During our lifetime we look in the mirror so many times. That’s the reason why you see so many imperfections in yourself. Social media and the world around us do not help to accept our appearance. I think the only way is not to follow people who aren’t real. It’s the waste of your time and it’s not worth it. Nowadays, pursuit for fake beauty is something common but do you really think you need it? I’m not opposed of improving the beauty or change your outlook but in do it reasonable way. I don’t know why young girls want to be like someone famous and they decide for plastic surgery. I’m convinced that awareness of womanhood comes with age. In my opinion,  in 99% scalpel it’s not the way to make someone feel better especially in early age.

You should focus at your strengths and hightlight it. Everyone can find something beautiful in himself!

How to do it?

 You can change your appearance in easy way because you can do make-up or some care tricks. One of the way is using bronzer to change face or nose shape (you can find a lot of tutorials on youtube). Second method is everyday care routine. Your skin will thank you if you will take care of it regularly. For example, mouth peeling will improve the  look of your mouth and it will be more firmer and fuller. I do it everyday with natural ingredients. You need to mix sugar and olive oil (or another oil) and gently start to massage with circular movements for a few minutes. Remember, the most important thing is to be systematic! In a second post I will share with you ways to take cares of yourself.

I hope you like this post. Please write in comment section what is your way to feel better with yourself. Don’t forget to visit my blog! 🐼 

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